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A Unique Experience At Tuskast Icelandic Horse Farm

December 26th, 2016 by Corey A. Edwards

Visit Tuskast Icelandic Horse FarmLooking for something unique to do in Abbotsford? Visit to Tuskast Icelandic Horse Farm to meet and ride a fascinating breed of horse!

Tuskast Icelandic Horse Farm is a family run hobby farm in Abbotsford, BC. They’ve been working with Icelandic horses since 2001, and the amazing animals are their passion.

The Icelandic horse – also sometimes referred to as the Viking horse – is a very unique animal.

Icelandic horses are considered the world’s purest breed.

Vikings brought them to Iceland well before any of the European horse breeds you or I might recognize had even developed. Here they remained, isolated from other breeds for over a thousand years in Iceland’s harsh, cold environment.

The horse that emerged from this forge was calm, sure-footed, and hardy. They don’t naturally “post,” or bounce, as they walk, unlike most other horses. Bred to carry adults smoothly and willingly over difficult terrain, they developed their own style of walking. This makes them the world’s only naturally five-gaited horse.

While all horses can walk, trot and gallop (or canter), the Icelandic horse also has two other natural gaits: tölt and pace.
The “tölt” is a special, four-beat running walk that is very fluid and rhythmic, allowing the horse to swiftly cross rough terrain. The pace is an even faster racing gait that can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour!

Icelandic horses are smallish at an average 13 to 14 hands in height, yet are quite capable of carrying large adults due to the uncommon density of their bones. In summer, they look a lot like other horses with a short and shiny coat. Come winter, they become shaggy and grow long beards.

Best of all, the Icelandic horse’s easy temperament and social nature make them a joy to be around. They like people and seem generally eager to please.

You can get up-close and personal with these amazing animals at Tuskast Icelandic Horse Farm. They not only breed, train, and sell purebred Icelandic horses but they also offer riding tours!

Tuskast Icelandic Horse Farm

39170 Old Yale Road, Abbotsford V3G 1X6
Visit www.tuskast.com for more information.

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