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    Get Out And About On An Abbotsford Winery Tour!

    May 26th, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

    Abbotsford Winery TourThe Fraser Valley is home to a wide range of unique flavors and experiences. When it comes to wines, our region produces traditional grape wines as well as fruit and honey wines. Discover them all on an Abbotsford winery tour!

    Something special happens to wine lovers after they visit a vineyard or winery. Thereafter, every sip of wine has a new depth. The wine stops being just something taken from a store shelf and you’ll taste the effort and care that you now know goes into every bottle. Along with the grape, you’ll sense a hint of the good earth it grew from, the barrels it aged in, and the clean, strong hands that coaxed it into being.

    Not all wineries have the time, staff, or facilities to allow for a tour but almost all offer a tasting room. Visiting a winery tasting room is the next best thing to taking a tour. Not only do you still get to soak up the vineyard ambiance but also a chance to sample and purchase wines. Maybe even a few varieties not available anywhere else!

    Finally, vineyards and wineries are notoriously scenic. You’d be hard pressed to find many other production facilities that are as photogenic. It doesn’t hurt that the nature of their business often places them in gorgeous, rural valleys and farmland.

    You don’t have to like wine to enjoy an Abbotsford winery tour, you just have to like having fun!

    Take An Abbotsford Winery Tour!

    Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm and Meadery
    2595 Lefeuvre Rd, Abbotsford, BC
    bchoney.com 604-856-2125
    Campbell’s Gold produces a variety of Honey Wines, also known as mead. Along with their traditional Mead, Campbell’s Gold also offers Pyment (honey wine and grapes), Melomel (honey wine with fruit or berries), Metheglin (spiced honey wine), and Cysor (honey wine with apple juice/cider). While tours of their winery/meadery are not offered, one can tour their bee hives – and walk away with a free jar of fresh honey! Open Tuesdays through Sundays. Closed Mondays, January, and all state holidays.

    Maan Farms Estate Winery
    790 McKenzie Rd, Abbotsford, BC
    www.maanfarms.com – 604-864-5723
    Maan Farms Estate Winery has been producing wine on their Abbotsford farm for three generations. The winery produces a variety of reds, fruit, port, and dessert wines. While the winery does not offer tours, their tasting room and beautiful, family friendly farm will make your visit worthwhile. Open daily, 9am to 6pm.

    Mt Lehman Winery
    5094 Mt Lehman Road, Abbotsford, BC
    www.mtlehmanwinery.com – 604-746-2881
    Mt. Lehman Winery is a family-owned winery specializing in small lots of premium wines. Varieties include Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot, and more. Visit them to tour the farm and vineyard, then stop by the tasting room to sample their award winning wines. Open Tuesday to Sunday, 12pm to 5pm.

    Singletree Winery
    5782 Mt. Lehman Road, Abbotsford, BC
    www.singletreewinery.com – 604-381-1788
    Singletree is a family operated vineyard and winery producing wide range of fine white, red, and blended wines. Singletree does not offer tours but their rustic tasting room overlooking the vineyard provides plenty of reason to stop by for a sample. The winery also offers a picnic area adjacent to their operations. Open Wednesday to Sunday, 12pm to 5:30pm, or by appointment.

    Abbotsford Winery Tour Lodging

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