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    Come To Abbotsford for the APNA Truck Show 2017!

    May 12th, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

    APNA Truck Show 2017 at Tradex in AbbotsfordThe APNA Truck Show is coming! June 10th and 11th, 2017, at the Tradex Centre in Abbotsford. You don’t have to be a trucker to enjoy the APNA Truck Show!

    There’s a reason that the APNA Truck Show is known as the most anticipated show of its kind in Western Canada! It’s a trade show, job fair, stage-show, exposition, and festival all rolled into one! While the primary mission of the event is to promote sales, marketing, and education for the trucking industry, it’s about as far from a dull and dry event as you could imagine.

    Over 150 different exhibitors will be on hand with everything you can think of (and plenty more you could never imagine) for big rigs. You’ll see the latest in advanced products and services including auto parts, research technology, new equipment and services, and more.

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